Start selling in minutes
Without writing a single line of code.
We develop tools for small businesses.
Most of small businesses are either overlooked or
over-charged when it comes to payments handling.

We know that most small businesses
don't have technology teams
to help integrate with banks or payment providers.

That's why we focus on creating simple yet powerful
payment tools that require no coding.
No coding, no API required.
Tools that go with you wherever you want to sell.
As simple as copy and paste.
3 simple steps
to start selling
Create an account
Start by entering your email address
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Pick your payment tool
Pick your favourite tool
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You can use multiple tools.
Start selling in any channel
Enjoy selling
in any communication channel.
Slashpay presents:
Smart Payment Tools
Pick a payment tool and
start selling in minutes

Instant payment links
Enter the amount and click next in the Slashpay seller app.
That's all.

We instantly generate a link,
so that you can share it
and get paid in any channel
you want.
Shop and pay with hashtags
In Slashpay, hashtags are directly linked to brands.

Users simply enter the brand name, followed a hashtag, and that enables them to buy
from their favourite shops
in less than 20 seconds.

1-click email payments
1-click email payments pushes all transactions to consumers' smart phones.

This eliminates the need to
go to a website & login,
choose invoices to pay and
enter their payment info.

Instead, users simply click on an email link to push the payment to their smart phones
and pay in 10 seconds.
mPOS terminals
mPOS terminals are mobile version of regular POS terminals that are operated
with a smart phone.

You can use them anywhere in EU. All you need to have is an active internet connection and our ePOS app on your phone.
QR code payments
We call them
paper POS terminals.
QR codes let customers scan a code and enter
an amount to pay.

This solution is ideal for
offline events and
in-store payments.
You get instant payment notifications via app, email or text messages.

Direct payments
Direct payments are
the easiest, code free way to receive an instant payment.

It works on any browser.
Go to and enter the name of the brand.

After that, entering the amount is enough to start the payment transaction.

Customers scan their card or enter their card info manually to complete and confirm the payment.

Cash invitations
Customers value cash much more than discounts. That's why we created cash invitations.

Brands can set spending rules.
Then simply choose and invite customers / followers / visitors by sending them a link to get instant store credits.
Pay with Slashpay button
If you are familiar with coding, you can also add the "pay with slashpay" button to your own website.

Clicking it will open a pop up screen where customers can instantly pay without leaving your website.
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