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We develop tools
to simplify payments.
2 out of 3 shoppers abandon the checkout page.

We know how painful checkout pages can be.
We don't want your page to be one of them.

That's why we work on creating
a humanized and simple payment experience.

Payments, in just seconds
Transactions in the Slashpay app
take less than 10 seconds.

Too lazy to download the app? No problem.
Try it out, straight from your browser.
Forget about remembering
bank account numbers
to make a payment.
Send a direct payment in seconds
Enter brand name
You don't have to find out and ask for
anyone's bank account number anymore. Slashpay comes with /names.

All you need to remember is
the name of the brand.
Enter amount
And add an optional description
Confirm payment
with PIN/Touch/Face ID in the Slashpay app or enter your payment info in the web app
in 10 seconds with the app, or
in 1 minute with the web app.
Use hashtags to shop with the brands you love
Shop & Pay with hashtags
Enter the brand you love
Enter the # of the product
Confirm payment
Use your camera
to scan the code
of a brand to pay
Scan the code
Use your camera and scan to pay.
Enter the amount
You can also include an optional message to the seller.
Confirm the payment
You can either enter your PIN code or use Face ID / Touch ID to pay. If you're using the web app, then enter your payment details and just click pay.
Representing a brand?
Get in touch with us and find out
how we help small business
with no technology teams
get paid in minutes
What makes us different
Slashpay comes with an ID-layer, so that no one has to remember account numbers to make payments
No access to payment data
We have no access to any payment data and we keep all your details
at our partner bank.
Instant direct payments
Make direct payments to the brands you love.
Enter the amount,
confirm the payment. That's it.
Usability focused
Slashpay can be used directly through your communication channels, so there's no need to wait at a check out page.
Device / app independent
Don't want to download the Slashpay app? That's cool. Pay in your browser, it takes less than a minute.
Discover and buy from emerging brands
Meet with our hand picked, cool, emerging brands.
Instant crush
A feeling of sudden and unexpected joy...

We won't promise euphoria,
but it's smooth, easy and painless.

We call that joy in the world of payments :)
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